I have been around farming all of my life. I bought into a system of farming that I don’t agree with some parts of now. I wanted a garden a few years back and I couldn’t have one. Because of the season. So I came across micro greens. My first try was one tray on a table in my office under a desk lamp with a heating pad. My daughter wanted to try it. Then someone wanted to buy some. Now it has turned into a micro business.

As we encountered problem after problem we solved them. Without chemicals and grew them without petroleum based fertilizers and animal byproducts. I started to learn that there is a symbiotic relationship in everything.

Then I realized that I had been lied to and that pissed me off. What I thought was the highest quality produce wasn’t. I remember saying the only thing we needed the soil for was to hold the plants up. With drip irrigation we can now feed them what they need. What I grew was pretty and sold in most of the big grocery stores. Talk about plants on life support, with no immune system. Just like the people who ate the produce.

I haven’t been to a doctor in at least five years and the only dental work has been cleaning, two crowns replaced that were worn out. One broken tooth pulled that rotted. My grandmother just passed at 104. I will live to be 120 and be healthy and active.

Then wife got into power lifting for a season and started training at a professional level. Her coach has set records and trains professional athletes etc. So her diet became very strict and purposeful. That opened up a whole new knowledge. No protein powders, steroids just good food portioned and timed. So that is affecting me. I try to ignore her but I couldn’t dismiss the facts.

My diet was if it tasted good and fit in my mouth I ate it. How sad. Now I am on a quest to produce super foods and share knowledge. I want to bypass the traditional marketing of produce and deal direct. I want a relationship with those who eat my produce.

Then you add the whole social media and now that is possible. I wish the social was around when I farmed in the past. Now I am bucking the system and swimming upstream.

Remember knowledge is power

“Eat healthy, live healthy & live long”